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Conditioning Bath Treatment

Includes a thorough brushout to remove dead undercoat, knots and loose skin; a warm hydro bath using all-natural luxury shampoo and conditioners to add body and shine to fur; a hand fluff and blow dry; ear cleaning and plucking as necessary; nail clipping; basic hair trim (face, ears, paws and hind area); a rub down with essential oil doggy cologne.

Complete Makeover

Includes all the services from the Conditioning Bath Treatment plus a full haircut.

Puppy Power

Build your puppy's confidence and book their first Introduction to Grooming Package.  Early familiarisation with brushing, bathing, the grooming table, hairdryer and clippers alongside plenty of loving care and attention (and treats!) will reduce anxiety - the more enjoyable your puppy finds the experience now - the more enjoyable future grooming sessions will be.  The session will normally last around 30 minutes and will include some light brushing, trimming round the eyes and nail clipping as necessary.  The price is £18 and includes a free toy!